The masterminds behind some of the gaming clan world's most renowned & beloved brands.

The Rise of Xiled

The masterminds behind some of the gaming clan world’s most renowned & beloved brands.

Founded in 2010 the Xiled collective has been uniting gamers and brands successfully for over a decade.

Now we’re launching our very own tech, by gamers; for gamers.

High Quality Brands

Xiled Inc. is home to a variety of brands including Kaizen Syndicate, and our flagship Xiled Gaming Network.

Since 2010 Xiled Inc. has been home to 150,000+ members globally from all walks of life. Fostering a Fun, SAFE, and Rewarding environment for gamers to socialize and thrive within.

Our goals will always be for the community – creating, building and innovating together with the community.

Xiled Goals

  • 01


    Creation of safe, fun, and thrilling environments in the gaming space.

  • 02


    Connecting brands with clans, and clans with brands.

  • 03


    Creation of cutting edge technology for gamers, organizations, and brands to manage and maintain success.

  • 04


    Never Ending Improvement; in all aspects of operations.

Our Brands

Xiled's Roadmap

  • October 1, 2022 CMS Drop

    Xiled Inc. will drop our anticipated self-serviced Clan Management System October 1st 2022. Users will be able to do many of the abilities clan scene users have grown to love about a CMS. Adding Users of course, creation of Division and Squads and total control of your clan management.

  • October 31, 2022

    Clanhub Mobile Application

    Xiled Inc. will drop our anticipated mobile application October 31st 2022.

Xiled's Investors

Xiled News

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